Musgrove Consulting Technical Writing, Grants, Tenders,Project Management, Publicity, Research

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I’m Dr. Richard Musgrove.

I enable effective B2B, business to client, and business to government communication.

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I offer business communication services, including:
mentoring and coaching in technical writing
editing and writing grants, tenders and other business documents
coaching in the development and delivery of PowerPoint presentations.

What do I mean by effective communication?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are your messages succinct, and free of grammatical and spelling errors?

Have you correctly answered the questions in that tender or grant proposal document?

Does your potential client, collaborator, funder, or your boss truly understand the messages you are trying to convey?

Have you satisfied your audience’s expectations? 

My focus is on Plain English – clear, straightforward, jargon-free content; understandable at first read.

I can help. Get in touch.

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