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Welcome! ⋆ Musgrove Consulting Welcome! ⋆ Musgrove Consulting


Richard Musgrove has proven his capabilities in roles that require an astute scientific mind and systematic approach. He commits to the project he is undertaking and ensures timeframes are met, reports are well prepared  and budgets are developed and adhered to. Richard accepts responsibility for senior management roles and continually seeks to deliver the desired outcomes on budget, in a timely and effective manner.

Committed, dedicated and reliable Campaign Manager

I first became associated with Dr Richard Musgrove, because a colleague referred him to me as a person with knowledge of how to go about applying for Government grants. That person only scratched the surface of Richard’s potential.  I employed Richard to run a media campaign in support of a project with which I was engaged, and he went well beyond what I was expecting, in providing on-time, and written responses to the various organisations,  organising media releases, and a crowd-funding campaign, writing scripts for, and presenting video, and so on. He quickly developed an in-depth knowledge of what I was needing from him, and used his extensive and constantly developing network to help achieve the goals for which I was reaching.

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to anyone who is seeking a committed, dedicated and reliable resource to help carry a project through to its conclusion

Crispian Jones

Seachange Psychology

Crispian Jones

Working With A Professional

Before working with Richard I had engaged friends and family to review my web site. After engaging Richard I immediately understood the value of working with a professional. Richard provided clear, easy to implement actions and and new content which was so on point it even improved my understanding of my own business. Hugh Armitage, Easy Comply, TheSpace, Cairns

Great Skill!

“You have great skill! The quote is very professional and is very clear about what is needed, what you can offer, how and when. It’s wonderful that you understand our vision, it has always been important for is to work with something who understands that.”

Nikki Gong
Nikki Gong Health and Well Being