Grants and Tenders – the Agony and the Ecstasy!

I am giving a series of mini-workshops on grants and tenders at YEP’s Deep Dive Into Growth this Thursday.

Just one of a crowd of eager presenters, I’ll be sharing the Bill with:

– Tara Diversi – Entrepreneurship Facilitator
– Shaun Bassett: Venture Capitalist – PieLab Ventures
– Andrea Tunjic: People Strong
– Aaron Birkby: Peak Persona and Startup Catalyst
– Fireside chat on growing your brand with social media, authorship and speaking.

and others…

The program will be out shortly.

Date: Thursday, 21/02/19
Venue: CQU Cairns Campus, Level 3
Contact: or

See you there!?


Last night I was sitting on our verandah watching the sun set, and realised it wasn’t!

The westering sun ‘set’ was actually an illusion! We all know this, because we have been told, but feeling it is something entirely different!

The wee bit of earth on which I was sitting was actually moving east, taking my verandah and me away from the sun’s warmth and light – at 1600 Km/h (no – I didn’t clock it  ). The Earth was really turning its face from the sun, our star, a celestial body 1.3 million times the size of Earth.

To be honest, I was half-way through a glass of wine, but bear with me.

As I watched the glorious colours change and fade, I could really almost feel the earth move, and felt the pang of something close to loss, but was reassured in the knowledge that the Earth was probably going to keep spinning through its cycle.

I hoped it was, anyway, and, well, here I am to write about it, so we’re all good. .

Our language surrounding these events is so archaic – ‘sunset’, ‘sunrise’ – both illusions, or, more to the point, both earth-at-the-centre-of-the-universe illusions, dating back to that balmy evening our ape-like ancestors first watched the spectacle.

I think it is sometimes worth stepping back from our busy lives, and changing the lens fundamentally. Look at issues, at things we absolutely take for granted, and turn them on their heads. Re-evaluate what is really important.

Watch the sun set, sometime, and think about this. .

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Critical Thinking and Publishing

This article came up on my Facebook feed yesterday with the usual slew of comments and brickbats.

Critical Thinking and Publishing

I shared it because it seemed so ridiculous, then thought about it more, once a few comments had come in. Sound familiar?

My first take on it was to wonder at the editor of this paper. Did he/she realise how ridiculous this was? Maybe not – which is worrying! Did they publish, fully aware that this person (name removed) would be held up to ridicule? And, how was it that he was so poorly informed? Does it come down to effective communication by those in the know, or lack of critical-thinking skills on his part, or a combination? (Note: I am not in any way blaming teachers! I am married to one, and fully aware of the great job they do). It does appear funny, and lets the trolls do their worst, but he seems to be in earnest. So, at the very least, there have been failures of reasoning and communication.

Then, as the conversation continued (I did a little digging and found a better shot of the original article, and what may be this person’s Linked-In profile. The article was published in 2008, so it has been doing the rounds for a while. This shows just how careful you have to be with what you put out there. Somebody searching for him on the web today would come up with the article pretty quickly – I did.

Once it is on the web there is no getting rid of it. So – a cautionary tale


I have just updated my website’s Copywriting page with this much nicer image. For some odd reason the previous photo, of a golden orb weaver, was not meeting with many positive comments!

I took the photo of this beautiful Graceful Treefrog (Litoria gracilenta, for those interested) in our garden in Speewah, having just rescued him or her from the potentially over-enthusiastic attentions of our border collie, Duke.

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I also offer a free half-hour consultation on improving the effectiveness of your business communication!

And, to answer the question posed at the top – not a lot, well, maybe? He does look like he’s focused but struggling!

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