Grants and Tenders – the Agony and the Ecstasy!

I am giving a series of mini-workshops on grants and tenders at YEP’s Deep Dive Into Growth this Thursday.

Just one of a crowd of eager presenters, I’ll be sharing the Bill with:

– Tara Diversi – Entrepreneurship Facilitator
– Shaun Bassett: Venture Capitalist – PieLab Ventures
– Andrea Tunjic: People Strong
– Aaron Birkby: Peak Persona and Startup Catalyst
– Fireside chat on growing your brand with social media, authorship and speaking.

and others…

The program will be out shortly.

Date: Thursday, 21/02/19
Venue: CQU Cairns Campus, Level 3
Contact: or

See you there!?


Shelley Kramer has an interesting take on the use of White Papers for lead generation, particularly on the importance of video. As she says: ” You can’t go wrong with video these days, as 79 percent of respondents in one study said they would rather watch a video than read.”

More multimedia experience than doorstop. Of course, writing is just the first step… read on.

And, get in touch to outsource the writing or editing of your white paper to a fresh set of eyes, or to convert those hard-won words to an outstanding video! We will make your video through our joint venture: Business Video Collective (BVC)

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Last night I was sitting on our verandah watching the sun set, and realised it wasn’t!

The westering sun ‘set’ was actually an illusion! We all know this, because we have been told, but feeling it is something entirely different!

The wee bit of earth on which I was sitting was actually moving east, taking my verandah and me away from the sun’s warmth and light – at 1600 Km/h (no – I didn’t clock it  ). The Earth was really turning its face from the sun, our star, a celestial body 1.3 million times the size of Earth.

To be honest, I was half-way through a glass of wine, but bear with me.

As I watched the glorious colours change and fade, I could really almost feel the earth move, and felt the pang of something close to loss, but was reassured in the knowledge that the Earth was probably going to keep spinning through its cycle.

I hoped it was, anyway, and, well, here I am to write about it, so we’re all good. .

Our language surrounding these events is so archaic – ‘sunset’, ‘sunrise’ – both illusions, or, more to the point, both earth-at-the-centre-of-the-universe illusions, dating back to that balmy evening our ape-like ancestors first watched the spectacle.

I think it is sometimes worth stepping back from our busy lives, and changing the lens fundamentally. Look at issues, at things we absolutely take for granted, and turn them on their heads. Re-evaluate what is really important.

Watch the sun set, sometime, and think about this. .

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We have a 16 year-old daughter and a 20 year-old son and from the time they latched onto screens have been concerned about the effects that those devices might have on their brains ( Rob Gronbeck), particularly their ability to focus on other tasks. Now the evidence is mounting for the effect of environment on our neuroplastic brains, those fears seem more justified. But, given that our chances of resolving screen addiction are slender to none, our focus has always been on promoting nutritious food and physical activity (a tough call for a cave-dwelling teenager!). With that in mind, I was interested to read this article on the complex relationship between physical well-being and brain plasticity.