Funding Campaigns, Grant and Tender Writing

I will help you achieve your funding goals. With more than three decades’ grant-writing knowledge and experience, and $15M sourced, I can significantly reduce your frustration levels. And call me for your tender-writing needs. Tenders are not so different from grants – the same rigor, similar challenges. I have written many of these over the last 3 years, focused on SME bids to supply local government services.

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Copy Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

I will also enhance your online presence, and sales, with clear, succinct messages, using engaging language. I have more than thirty years’ experience in writing and editing, enabling me to expertly analyse language issues, and craft logical, elegantly simple solutions.

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Writing with Clarity: Coaching and Mentoring

Concerned about the clarity of your writing? I can help there too. Sometimes all it takes is an independent set of eyes and a little tweaking!

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Stakeholder Engagement and Access to Networks

I will engage with your stakeholders, a vital element in any funding proposal. I also have extensive networks across the State, and the nation, enabling me to organise the best available multidisciplinary team to address your challenge.

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Publicity Campaigns for Independent Authors

I have been providing promotional services to Jabiru Publishing for Ken Fairweather’s memoir, “Farewell White Man” and am available to provide the same services for other small publishers and independent authors.

As Gloria Webb, Managing Director of Jabiru Publishing recently wrote: “Richard’s unique combination of skills, in addition to his ingenuity, innovation and ability to think outside the box, have contributed to a great degree to the success of this best-selling book, which is now in its 3rd reprint. Richard is a pleasure to work with because of his collaborative nature, his calm, easy-going personality, his commitment to the task, and his highly principled approach to the project at hand. I cannot commend Richard highly enough to anyone wishing to utilise his services. “

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Research and Project Management

Need a hand managing your project? I have the qualifications, and the breadth of knowledge and experience, and contacts to manage a wide variety of multidisciplinary projects from conception to delivery. I have successfully handled projects ranging from a funding campaign for a local psychologist and an Open Day for 4000 people, to water quality and bathymetry assessment for CSIRO, wild fisheries postharvest and cold chain management, natural resource management and environmental sustainability.

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Science Communication

Public understanding of science has always been a challenge, but never more so than today. From writing media releases to organising workshops and conferences, I can get you there. Pushing back the forces of ignorance and obfuscation, one death-star at a time.

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Where words fail, music speaks. – Hans Christian Andersen