Tender Writing

Tenders are complex and challenging, and tender writing is time-consuming.

So, how do you do the job justice, with so many other issues on your plate?

Contact me – I provide a cost-effective, professional service, with guaranteed confidentiality, and an extremely good potential Return-on-Investment.

Richard Musgrove - Tender Writer
Richard Musgrove – Tender Writer

1 – Call Me

…for a quick chat about your project. I’ll write that tender for you.

Writing accounts for the bulk of any tender, so all that leaves you with is reviewing, and providing information. And if all you need is a little free advice on tender writing, I’ll offer that too!

I have been writing technical documents, including grants and tenders, since 1987, and have submitted successfully to a range of private and public organisations including Cairns Regional and Douglas Shire Councils, and Queensland, South Australian and Federal Governments.

I understand government-speak, and have worked with a huge range of clients including fishermen and fishing companies, aquaculturalists, graziers, horticulturalists, commercial painters, psychologists, water blasters and earthmovers.

Tender writing is much more than just putting words in a box in an Expression of Interest EOI, a Request for Tender (RFT), a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Register of Prequalified Suppliers (RoPS). Answering all those questions is only half the battle — attachments are as critical to your tender response, which is why my service includes drafting and editing policy documents (e.g. WH&S and Environmental Management Plans), at need.

I won’t over-charge or bamboozle you with legal-speak, I’ll just work with you and make sure you have the best shot at that tender.

2 – Get a price

Most people like to know pricing and lead time for Tender Writing. Call me  – I’ll have a look at the tender on the spot and give you a ballpark on both (see below for a guide), then provide a written quote the same day via email.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ lead-time for the smaller tenders, and scale up, with size and complexity, from there.

Tender Writing, Richard Musgrove, Musgrove Consulting

3 – Book the Job

I like to make sure all critical conversations are in writing, so there is no confusion, and I usually require a deposit. Once this is received, I’ll get started right away!

Here are a few examples of my tender-writing style:

RFT 2018  RoPS 2018

Environmental Management Plan 2018  QA Policy and Systems 2018

Environmental Policy 2018  RFT - Social Services 2019

ROPS Trade Services and Supplies 2019


And a very happy client wrote:

 Richard helped us from start to finish to write x 2 tenders for preferred suppliers for regional councils which have been accepted & approved. He was a wealth of information about making contacts in regional areas & we highly recommend his services to others.”
Shane McLeod, McLeod’s Painting,

The tenders I wrote for him helped to bring thousands of dollars into his business, and he gave me 5 stars on Google! So, Contact me! I can help you, too.

Contact Me


Working with Madrigal Communications

Working as Senior Writer (Queensland) at Sydney-based Madrigal Communications for the last two years has honed my skills and significantly broadened my experience. Watch the video series I made on tendering with Madrigal, and get in touch if you need a hand with that tender.   


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