Hacking and You – Are You Protected?

Hacking is something that happens to someone else….until it happens to you!

Think about how long you would survive losing your data; all your records. In today’s cut-throat competitive market?

Last week I was talking to a film-maker friend of mine. We had been doing a video for a client, with myself as narrator. He made the comment that he had just received a weird email from me – from someone who was clearly not me! I had been hacked! She (that gave it away!), was younger and better looking, and was offering… well, let’s just leave that to your imagination!

So, hacking! SH@T!  A flurry of changing passwords, sending emails out to all my contacts…all my contacts (i.e. 900 or so). I think I have dodged the bullet, but am chastened, more watchful, angry at myself.

It is a documented fact that, after 9/11, 93 percent of the companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within a year of the disaster (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, USA). And that was ‘just’ losing access to data.

Hacking can be that, and more. Malicious; catastrophic. Yes. Seriously. Your business could be destroyed – think what someone could do with your records – accounts, contacts, IP? Also, think ‘Ransomware’, a brand-new word; as if ‘Hacking’ wasn’t bad enough – the truly evil end, a hacker locking up your computer then demanding 1000’s to 100,000’s of dollars to unlock it. And you would have no choice but to pay. Security is not an option.  Are you really protected?  

The hack that happened to me was ironic, really, given my partners in RIK Associates and I have been organising a seminar on exactly that  – Hacking! And earlier in the day, I had sent Kris a draft of the flyer for the seminar.

Did this post just turn into an advertisement? Yeah, maybe. But my experience shows that we are all vulnerable, even those well aware of the risks. Our anti-hacking, web security seminar will be on Tuesday the 22nd of Feb, 2018, 10:30 AM-11:30 AM,  in the Stratford Library, Stratford, Cairns. If you would like to come but can’t make it, let me know – we are planning another, depending on demand. And a webinar.  Follow this link to the flyer and booking sheet.

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