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Cairns Regional Council is requesting tenders and quotes. You’ll have to get in quick to make the deadline. Need a hand? Call Me for this or any other tenders.


I have been writing grants and tenders  since 1995,  submitting successfully to a range of private and public organisations including Cairns Regional Council and Queensland, South Australian and Federal Governments.

I understand government-speak, and have worked with a huge range of clients including fishermen and fishing companies, aquaculturalists, graziers, commercial painters, psychologists, water blasters and earthmovers.

Tender writing is much more than just putting words in a box in an Expression of Interest EOI, a Request for Tender (RFT), a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Register of Prequalified Suppliers (RoPS). Answering all those questions is only half the battle — attachments are as critical to your tender response, which is why my service includes drafting and editing policy documents (e.g. WH&S, Environmental), at need.

I won’t over-charge or bamboozle you with legal-speak, I’ll just work with you and make sure you have the best shot at that tender.

I’ll also give you a free half-hour advice session, if that is all you need.

Here is a recent, very happy client

 Richard helped us from start to finish to write x 2 tenders for preferred suppliers for regional councils which have been accepted & approved. He was a wealth of information about making contacts in regional areas & we highly recommend his services to others.”
Shane McLeod, McLeod’s Painting

The tenders I wrote for him helped to potentially put his business in a position worth 100’s of thousands of dollars, and he gave me 5 stars on Google! So, Contact me! I can help you, too.



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