Cairns Regional Council is requesting tenders and quotes. You’ll have to get in quick to make the deadline. Need a hand? Call Me for this or any other tenders.


I have been writing grants and tenders  since 1995,  submitting successfully to a range of private and public organisations including Cairns Regional Council and Queensland, South Australian and Federal Governments.

I understand government-speak, and have worked with a huge range of clients including fishermen and fishing companies, aquaculturalists, graziers, commercial painters, psychologists, water blasters and earthmovers.

Tender writing is much more than just putting words in a box in an Expression of Interest EOI, a Request for Tender (RFT), a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Register of Prequalified Suppliers (RoPS). Answering all those questions is only half the battle — attachments are as critical to your tender response, which is why my service includes drafting and editing policy documents (e.g. WH&S, Environmental), at need.

I won’t over-charge or bamboozle you with legal-speak, I’ll just work with you and make sure you have the best shot at that tender.

I’ll also give you a free half-hour advice session, if that is all you need.

Here is a recent, very happy client

 Richard helped us from start to finish to write x 2 tenders for preferred suppliers for regional councils which have been accepted & approved. He was a wealth of information about making contacts in regional areas & we highly recommend his services to others.”
Shane McLeod, McLeod’s Painting

The tenders I wrote for him helped to potentially put his business in a position worth 100’s of thousands of dollars, and he gave me 5 stars on Google! So, Contact me! I can help you, too.



Successful Tenders Written for Far North Queensland Painting Group


I have just received word from Shane McLeod that McLeod’s Painting is now on the Supply Panels for Lockhart River and Torres Strait!

I wrote both those tenders, so am feeling a little pleased with myself!

Great to work with you, Shane and Soma!






At War with Ourselves? Creative Right Brain vs Logical Left Brain? …Really?

What is creativity and why are we surprised when logical types show it? Isn’t there supposed to be a dominant side of the brain?  Left side logic – right side creative?

Right?  Well.  No. It’s a Myth.

Creativity is simply the ability to come up with something new – or thinking in new ways. Thinking outside the box, the ability to see patterns that are not obvious – equally relevant to maths, science, and the arts. Some of the curliest maths problems have only been solved through the creative leanings of the world’s greatest mathematicians, and some of the finest works of art are based on exquisite mathematical formulae.

“Creativity is only intelligence having fun”

– based on a quote by George Scialabba, Mindplay, 1984,  Harvard Magazine

I am a scientist, but a rock and wood sculptor in my spare time. I find it liberating and enthralling to create something unique. How do I get into that creative space? No idea, but I do know it can’t be forced, and that I am completely unaware of the passage of time!

So, when did this left logical – right emotional brain idea take hold?  The misconception began in the late 1800’s when two neurologists, Broca and Wernicke, noticed damage in the left side of brains from patients who had been unable to communicate properly. They reasonably concluded that language was controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain. Remember, this was all based on dissection and light microscopy, long before CAT scans.

The left brain-right brain idea caught the popular imagination – we like simple explanations. Writer Robert Louis Stevenson popularised the concept in one of his novels – the logical left hemisphere-dominant Dr Jekyll (think Mr Spock, too) and the emotional right hemisphere-dominant Mr Hyde.

And this stuck, despite not standing up to ongoing scientific research – people with missing or damaged lobes on either side still showed a full range of functions.

We now know that one side of the brain is more active than the other for some functions. Language is more localised to the left, and attention to the right, so one side of the brain may do more work, but this varies with the system not with the person.

There is no evidence for a dominant side of the brain, or a left-right split between logic and creativity. And the idea of logic and creativity being at odds with each other doesn’t hold up well, either. Neither does there being a conflict between being logical and creative. Almost every feat of logic and creativity shows the brain functioning as a whole.

So, that means that we scientists can be both, without some sort of deep soul-wrenching conflict!