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Tenders and other funding submissions

“Richard helped us from start to finish to write x 2 tenders for preferred suppliers for regional councils which have been accepted & approved. He was a wealth of information about making contacts in regional areas & we highly recommend his services to others.”

Shane McLeod, McLeod’s Painting, Cairns.  shane@mcleodspainting.com.au

“I highly recommend Richard as an excellent writer and editor. I found his eye for detail and quick turnaround on a competitive consulting proposal I had written greatly improved the quality of the proposal. He not only improved the readability and layout of the text. He also clarified points without changing the meaning, and all with a friendly demeanor.”

Dr. Robert Gale, Principal Consultant, Geotrends, Cairns. Email: r.gale@unsw.edu.au

“We have engaged Dr. Richard Musgrove to complete several government tenders for our Cairns-based business, and have found his support and guidance incredibly valuable.  Each of these tenders has been successful, and we will certainly use him in our future endeavours.”

Name and contact details available on request

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Copywriting and Editing

“Dr Richard Musgrove provided expert advice and editing skills to a piece I had prepared for release to the media. He was able to deftly weave the intent of the message in such a way that was engaging, informative and succinct yet still truly captured the ideas and information I wanted to convey to the reader.  I was very pleased with the final piece and delighted that it was printed without further editing by the media that picked it up and ran with it.

I will most certainly utilise Richard’s writing skills for future work and heartily commend him to you.”

Penny Johnson, LNP Candidate for the Seat of Cook, Queensland State Elections 2017. Email: ilovecapeyork@gmail.com

“Dr. Richard Musgrove provided expert editing skills and useful advice when he reviewed my eBook and associated documents. I look forward to working with him more in the future.” 

Paulette McCormack, HR Consultant, Fresh Insights.  Phone: 0452 471 960, Email: paulette@freshhrinsights.com.au

“Richard created a high-quality document in a very short time frame. Moreover, he was a delight to work with – eager to meet the needs of the project at hand, experienced in his approach, a skillful communicator, and willing to go to any length required for results. I would thoroughly recommend his services!”

Dr. Nicole Sleeman, General Practitioner, Cairns. Email: nicsleeman@gmail.com

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Publicity Campaigns for Independent Authors

Richard Musgrove has been providing promotional services to Jabiru Publishing for Ken Fairweather’s memoir, “Farewell White Man”. Richard’s unique combination of skills, combined with his ingenuity, innovation and ability to think outside the box, have contributed to a great degree to the success of this best-selling book, which is now in its 3rd reprint. Richard is a pleasure to work with because of his collaborative nature, his calm, easy-going personality, his commitment to the task, and his highly principled approach to the project at hand. I cannot commend Richard highly enough to anyone wishing to utilise his services.

Gloria Webb Ph.D., Managing Director, Jabiru Publishing. Email: gloria@word-fix.com.au

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Natural Resource, Project and Campaign Management

“I first became associated with Dr Richard Musgrove, because a colleague referred him to me as a person with knowledge of how to go about applying for Government grants. That person only scratched the surface of Richard’s potential.  I employed Richard to run a media campaign in support of a project with which I was engaged, and he went well beyond what I was expecting, in providing on-time, and written responses to the various organisations,  organising media releases, and a crowd-funding campaign, writing scripts for, and presenting video, and so on. He quickly developed an in-depth knowledge of what I was needing from him, and used his extensive and constantly developing network to help achieve the goals for which I was reaching.

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to anyone who is seeking a committed, dedicated and reliable resource to help carry a project through to its conclusion”

Crispian Jones, Seachange Psychology, Cairns. Email: crispian@seachangepsychology.com.au

“Dr Richard Musgrove has proven his capabilities in roles that require an astute scientific mind and systematic approach. He commits to the project he is undertaking and ensures timeframes are met, reports are well prepared and budgets are developed and adhered to. Richard accepts responsibility for senior management roles and continually seeks to deliver the desired outcomes on budget, in a timely and effective manner. 

I worked with Richard when we were developing a business case for investment in a range of NRM programs that was then presented to the government. This was delivered in person by Richard in his position as Operations Manager, the organisation’s Chairman along with myself, the vice chair.  It was very well received in no small part to Richard’s attention to detail, intense research and scrutiny, fact-checking and excellent wordsmithing and presentation of the final document. This document and the manner of presentation, was referred to as an example for other organisations in community-based NRM to follow when preparing their similar submissions.

Richard was articulate and engaged well with department heads and representatives of state and federal government departments. He has consistently developed and maintained strong and respectful working relationships with funding bodies, industry peers and all 3 tiers of government. Richard always conducts himself with the utmost professionalism and commitment and I am confident he will continue to do so for anyone who engages his professional services through Musgrove Consulting.”

Mrs. Penny Johnson, Vice-Chair, Australian Horizons Foundation. Formerly: Director: Northern Gulf Resource Management Group. Email: ilovecapeyork@gmail.com

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“Richard is a thorough scientist who produces high-quality research on a range of species and seafood products. He is also a very active science communicator, passionate about sharing science with the wider community.”

Dr. Andrew Barber, Formerly Principal Scientist, SARDI – Innovative Food and Plants -Food Innovation and Value Chain. Email: abarber@obelaglobal.com, Ph: 0405 342 2385

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Science Communication and Event Management

“I am very happy to recommend Richard, not just in his capacity as Event manager, but because of a range of excellent attributes that would ensure his capability in many roles. The structure of our committee assigns jobs to members on a “portfolio” basis. Although he has held the position of Event Manager for two years, Richard does much more, and he does it reliably, willingly and with considerable flair. He has also taken a significant role in developing our program and troubleshooting problems when they arrive. His expertise with electronic media is a decided asset that he uses in all of these roles. I can recommend him highly.”

Prof. Rob Morrison  OAM, President (former) Australian Science Communicators (SA). Professorial Fellow, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work Flinders University. Email: rob.morrison@flinders.edu.au

“At a recent conference that we held, Richard displayed outstanding organisational and leadership skills in coordinating speakers, managing the program timing, event photography and follow up reports and articles. I would recommend him to others seeking someone to fulfil a similar role in event coordination and delivery.”

(This refers to the National Environmental Research Program (NERP) Tropical Ecosystems Hub Conference, held in Cairns in 2012.)

Jane Waterhouse, C2O Consulting, Phone +61 0409 053 367,  Email: j.waterhouse@c2o.net.au